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the column of lasting insignificance: March 22, 2014
by John Wilcock

STILL IN RECOVERY from my cancer op a few months ago I find myself definitely not as energetic or active as I was. I suppose it’s just a matter of time until I discover how much time I actually have left. Of course, none of us know for certain that we’ll even still be here tomorrow. Be that as it may, I need to cut down my activities and so, as I mentioned previously, this space will occasionally be filled with ancient columns and other riff raff from my extensive files. Old friends will be aware that I published a tabloid underground newspaper in Manhattan in the Sixties, and although I have only a handful of these myself, I occasionally see others offered for sale on various websites. Recently I was paid several thousand dollars by a Dutch book dealer for a score of random copies, some of which could have been duplicates of the ones offered below. Among my contributors were Andy Warhol, Ed Ruscha, John Chamberlain, Charles Henri Ford, Michael O’Donoghue, Pol Bury, Tadanori Yoko-o, Robert Crumb, Tim Leary, Abbie Hoffman, Claus Oldenburg, Charles Bukowski.

Many thanks to David Platzker for the images and text in the Other Scenes slideshow below:

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  • Vol. 4, No. 9 (November 1970)
    John Wilcock, Renfreu Neff, Neil Phillips, Denis Kitchen, Michael G. Whisson, Allen Katzman, John Webster, M. Vaughn-James, Revolting Theater, Chris Pelletiere, Kerry & Cara Thornley, Claudia Dreifus, Michael Thomas, Joe Mellen, George Orwell, Gregory Battcock, John Perrault, Tuli Kupferberg

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Cover art by Pamela Colman Smith. Essays "The Great American Movie: Even Larger than Life," by Renfreu Neff; "International Dope Conspiracy : Some CIA Strongholds," by Neil Phillips; "Tom Weasel : Buying a Nickel Bag," by Kitchen Comics; "Drugs in Hong Kong : Where it Comes from, How it Leaves," by Michael G. Whisson; "Rock's Robber Baron : Fill More Seats, Make More Money," by Allen Katzman; "The Swinging Scene : Fucking with your Friends," John Webster; " Elephant Comics : Fixing up Mind Odour," by M. Vaughn-James; "Support our Boys," from the repertoire of the Revolting Theater; "How a New Sound is Born : the Synthesizer Simplified"; "Plain Clothes Nuns : Riding with the Car on Cloud 9," by Chris Pelletiere; "Kicking Power : the Impracticability of Politics," by Kerry & Cara Thornley; "Offing the AMA : Radical Doctors who Care," by Claudia Dreifus; "Paris Peace Talks : Three Years on the Expense Account," by Michael Thomas; "Hole in the Head : High, How are You?," by Joe Mellen; "Why the State Digs War : ...1984 is Always Here," by George Orwell; "Real Life Comics : Easily Spotted Leaks"; "The Andy Warhol Generation," by Gregory Battcock; "What's Cooking? : Headfood"; "Art? Are Performances," by John Perrault; "Israel the Reality," by Tuli Kupferberg.
  • Vol. 1, No. 1 (March 1968)
    John Wilcock, Nat Freedland, Tim Leary, Anita Steckel, Andy Warhol, Philip Proctor, Tony Auth, Neal Phillips, Edward de Bono, Hermann Nitsch, John Perreault, Tuli Kupferberg, Alex Apostolides, Peter Hemphill, Masaru Nachoki, Jonathan Thrift, Cathe Cozzi

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Cover collage by Cathe Cozzi. Essays "Personal Comment," by John Wilcock; "Wailing," by Nat Freedland; "God's Secret Agent A.O.S.3," by Tim Leary; "The Case of Mace : A Dose of Danger? It Burns, Baby"; "Cops Are Human Wrecks"; "Police Protection : Making New York Policement"; "Wanted for Murder"; art by Anita Steckel; "Andy in Arizona," about Andy Warhol's Lonesome Cowboys; "Conventional Chaos," with collage by Philip Proctor; "Li'l Alcapp," comic by Tony Auth; "Letter from a Greek Prison," by Neal Phillips; "The Tradition of the Nude," by Edward de Bono with photograph by Hermann Nitsch; "Tuli," by John Perreault; "The War? It's Just a Hoax," by Alex Apostolides; "Long, Hot Summer-'68," by Peter Hemphill; "The Lesbian Monster," comic by Masaru Nachoki; "A Modest Proposal," by Jonathan Thrift
  • Vol. 1, No. 2 (May 1968)
    John Wilcock, Billy Name, Charles Henri Ford, Hakim A. Jamal, Tuli Kupferberg, Ed Ruscha, John Chamberlain, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Bingham Young, Sivent Lindblom, Ted Joans, Andy Warhol, Philip Russel, Jimmy Plato

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Cover photo by Billy Name. Content includes word art by Charles Henry Ford; "Eartha, Baby... Who's [sic] Song You Gonna Sing?" by Hakim A. Jamal; "Men Who Can't Come Home"; "Smug!"; "Tuli : Yiggers, Blonkies & Crackers," by Tuli Kupferberg; art by Ed Ruscha and John Chamberlain; "Taylor Mead," by Jean-Jacques Lebel; "Why I Am Proud to Be an American," by Bingham Young; "Displacement," comic; "Models," art by Sivent Lindblom; "Black Flower," by Ted Joans; "Kinky Strippers"; collage of Andy Warhol; "Cuba Today," by Philip Russel; "Cultural Revolution," by Jimmy Plato.
  • Vol. 2, No. 4 (July 1968)
    John Wilcock, Shunk Kender, Alan Solomon, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Valerio Adami, Laura Grisi, Julius Lester, Ray Johnson, Armand Kihl, Meher Baba, Ronald J. Willis, A Haden-Guest, Keith Morris, Diane Di Prima, Brenda Mull, Charles Bukowski, Dennis Kennedy, Don Peterson, Liza Williams, Andy Wickham, Jacques Zavrian, Brian Richard Boylan

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Cover photo by Shunk Kender. "Young Italians : Italian Art of the Mid-Sixties," by Alan Solomon, with art by Michelangelo Pistoletto, Valerio Adami, and Laura Grisi; "Look Out, Whitey! Black Power's Gon' Get Your Mama!" by Julius Lester; "Big Brother Watches," collage by Ray Johnson, with poetry by Armand Kihl and Meher Baba; "The Sky Is Falling," by Ronald J. Willis; comic by A Haden-Guest and Keith Morris; "Revolutionary Letters," by Diane di Prima; "Blue Ridge," by Brenda Mull; "Notes of a Dirty Old Man," by Charles Bukowski with illustration by Dennis Kennedy; "Out of the Wilderness," by Don Peterson; "In the Guru Oove," by Liza Williams; "The Twelve Billion Dollar Sound," by Andy Wickham; " 'We Are All German Jews,' " by Jacques Zavrian; " 'Defang the Psycopaths [sic] in Blue,' " by Brian Richard Boylan.
  • Vol. 2, No. 5 (August 1968)
    John Wilcock, Ed Sanders, Israel G. Young, Don Reed<, Al Aronowitz, Judith Wehlau, Lannes Kenfield, David Glover, Tuli Kupferberg, Lew Welch, Gyula Kosice, Wallace Berman, Walter K. Gutman, Horst Antes, Piotr Kowalski, J.J. Lebel, Pol Bury, Gianni-Emilio Simonetti, Yoko Ono, Martin Cohen, Juro Suzuki, Andy Warhol

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Essays "Predictions for Yippie Activities in Chicago," by Ed Sanders; "Folklore Center Newsletter," by Israel G. Young; "US Army Copes with Underground Railway," interview with Don Reed; "Anthems for Doomed Youth"; "UFO," by Al Aronowitz; "How to Survive in the Ghetto," art by Judith Wehlau; ""As Seen from the Far East Side," by Lannes Kenfield; "San Francisco Tribute to Kenneth Patchen," by David (Tony) Glover; "How to Think about the Police," by Tuli Kupferberg; "What to Do until the World Ends or How to Survive without Actually Dying," by Lew Welch with art by Gyula Kosice; poster by Wallace Berman; "The Great Dealers," by Walter K. Gutman; photographs of Horst Antes, Piotr Kowalski, J.J. Lebel, Pol Bury and Gianni-Emilio Simonetti; "Ono's Sales List," by Yoko Ono; "Tokyo," by Martin Cohen with art by Juro Suzuki; "Type 1 / Side 1," by Andy Warhol.

  • Vol. 1, No. 6 (September 1968)
    John Wilcock, John Bryan, Denis-Lebois-Quarez, Lee Harris, Lannes Kenfield,Israel G. Young, Tuli Kupferberg, Alex Apostolides, Piet Mondrian, Marvin Garson, Gary Snyder, LeRoi Jones, Richard Whitehall, Alan Brien

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Essays "Some Call Them Sugar-Pigs," by John Bryan; illustration by Denis Lebois-Quarez; "Soweto," by Lee Harris; "Banned at Border," by Lannes Kenfield; "The Missing Singer," by Israel G. Young; "4 New Fug Songs," by Tuli Kupferberg; "Big Brothers & The I.R.S.," by Alex Apostolides; "A West Coast Innocent..." by John Bryan; "Cybernetic Serendipity," with art by Piet Mondrian; "A Primer for Revolutionaries," by Marvin Garson; poems by Gary Snyder and LeRoi Jones; "Where Movies Are Heading," by Richard Whitehall; "The Square Has a Future," by Alan Brien.
  • Vol. 1, No. 7 (October 1968)
    John Wilcock, Feliks Topolski, Abbie Hoffman, Ted Joans, Claes Oldenburg, Bob Roth, Kasoundra, Eldridge Cleaver, R. Crumb, Walasse Ting, Israel G. Young,Margaret Daly, Tadanori Yokoo

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Contents include illustration by Feliks Topolski; "Creating a Perfect Mess," by Abbie Hoffman; "A Black Writers Comes Home to Black Power," by Ted Joans; "Juxtapositions" by Claes Oldenburg; "Scientology 1984 Now!" by Bob Roth; illustration by Kasoundra; "George Washington Was a Lying M/Fucker," by Eldridge Cleaver; "Eggs Ackley: This Kid's a Scream," comic by R. Crumb; "Modern Man," poem by Walasse Ting; "War, Poetry, and Song," by Israel G. Young; "Why We Don't Touch One Another and Why We Should," by Margaret Daly; interview with Tadanori Yokoo.
  • Vol. 1, No. 8 (November 1968)
    John Wilcock, Hamid Naficy, Ray Johnson, Dick Gregory, Paul Johnson, Claes Oldenburg, Burt Prelutsky,  Allen Young

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Content includes "Other Scenes NYC Address Book," a registry of influential New York artists and writers; "First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seven," by John Wilcock; "Purple Power," by Hamid Naficy; centerfold collage by Ray Johnson; "When I Am Elected President," by Dick Gregory; "Nobody for President," by Paul Johnson; juxtaposition by Claes Oldenburg; "What's Wrong with Critics," by Burt Prelutsky; "Soviet Provincialism," by Allen Young
  • Vol. 1, No. 9 (December 1968)
    John Wilcock, Jean Pierre Laffaut, France Raysse, Israel G. Young, Ted Joans,David Mairowitz, Shunk-Kendler, Hannes Jahn, Bradley Martin, Victor Coleman,Ronald Gross, Robert Scott Mashkin, Joey Sacks, Steve Kraus, Murphy, Walter K. Gutman, Ray Johnson, Irving Oyle, John Bryan, Grattan Puxon, M. Nakayama,Donn F. Draeger, Robert Wolf

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Cover photo by Jean Pierre Laffaut for a painting by France Raysse. Essays "Don't Go to Pieces on Sunday"; "Unpublished Interviews," by Israel G. Young; "Niggers from Outer Space (Excerpts from the Novel)," by Ted Joans; "Pigs & Presidents : 3 'Nothing Wrong with American That a Good Erection Wont [sic] Cure,' " by David Mairowitz; photograph by Shunk-Kendler; "Scarecrows Vogelscheuchen," by Hannes Jahn; "Rome : Bradley Martin Reporting," by Bradley Martin; poetry by Victor Coleman, Ronald Gross, Robert Scott Mashkin, and Joey Sacks; "The All Purpose Pick-up Line," by Steve Kraus; "Making It with Archie the Artist," by Murphy; "Safe," by Walter K. Gutman with photograph of Ray Johnson; "Disease of the Month," by Irving Oyle; "Are YOU Ready for Mike Lessac?" by John Bryan; "Gypsies Traditions Gone-- Hounded by Suburbia," by Grattan Puxon; "Practical Karate : Fundamentals," by M. Nakayama and Donn F. Draeger; "...And Many More," by Robert Wolf; "Rousted Again," by John Bryan.
  • Vol. 3, No. 2 (February 1969)
    John Wilcock, K.L. Gauba, Sivakami, Ratan Lal Bansal, Kulamarva Baladrishna,H.H. Sri Swami Sivananda, N. Anandam, Gerald Gardner, Don Stephens, Barbie Stephens, Jim Fouratt, Liza Williams, Paul Steiner, Kerry Thornley, Cara Thornley, Erich Goode

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Essays "The Fiery Death of Sampati Koer," by K.L. Gauba; "Unconfirmed Bachelor," by Sivakami; "Auroville : Where Science Meets the Wisdom of the Past," by John Wilcock; "Priesthood Holds Progress to Ransom," by Ratan Lal Bansal; "Bombay Bootlegger," by Kulamarva Baladrishna; "Sadhana Tattwa," by H.H. Sri Swami Sivananda; "Hippie Editor John Wilcock Talk sto Blitz on the... "Foolosophy of Flower Children," by Blitz Staff Reporter; "The Indian Cow," by N. Anandam; "The Last Word," by John Wilcock; "The Lyndon Johnson Years," compiled by Gerald Gardner; "An Other Scenes Don't Worry! Feature," by Don and Barbie Stephens; "Art Directors Are Wasting Their Time," by Jim Fouratt; "Snatch!" by Liza Williams; "John in Art Galleries," by Paul Steiner; "A Manual for the Yin Revolution," by Kerry and Cara Thornley; "Marijuana and the Credibility Gap," by Erich Goode.
  • Vol. 3, No. 3 (March 1969)
    John Wilcock, Robert Wolf, Christo, Shunk Kender, John Lennon and Yoko Ono,Lita Eliscu, John Sinclair, William Bronson, Alex Apostolides, Charles Henri Ford, Gerard Malanga, Rich Mangelsdorff, John Webster, Al Hansen, Benedict Nightingale, Ruth Krauss, Darylena Beads, Enlite, George Schneeman, Ted Berrigan, Clem Gorman

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Essays "Nudity in New York," by Robert Wolf with photo of Christo by Shunk Kender; Yoko Ono & John Lennon full page advertisement; "The Girls in Search of Leonard Cohen," by Lita Eliscu; "White Panther Party," by John Sinclair; "How to Kill a Golden State," by William Bronson; "Life on the Howling Frontier," by Alex Apostolides; "Books : Up to the Minutes with Charles Henri Ford," by Gerard Malanga; "Where the Underground Isn't at," by Rich Mangelsdorff; "How Do Swingers Find Each Other?" by John Webster; "3rd Rail Cosmicomix," by Al Hansen; "Taboo," by Benedict Nightingale; "Fun in Bed," collage by Ruth Krauss; "Katy Kold's Advice to Secretaries," comic by Darylena Beads; "The Computer Racket," by Enlite with photos by John Wilcock; illustration by George Schneeman and Ted Berrigan; "The Mandala," by Clem Gorman.
  • Vol. 3, No. 4 (April 1969)
    John Wilcock, Mimmo Rotella, Edward de Bono, Benedict J. Fernandez, Radical American Comics, Michael O'Donoghue, Sam Winston, Liza Williams, Karuna Nidhan Mukherjie, Malay Roy Choudhury, David McReynolds, Barbara Dane,Irwin Silber, Dan McLeod, John Gibson, Rogelio Polesello, Murphy, Claes Oldenburg, Andy Warhol, Paul David Simon, Ellen Kenwood

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Cover art "From the Chelsea Hotel with Love," by Mimmo Rotella. Essays "Using the Brain as a Computer," by Edward de Bono; photographs by Benedict J. Fernandez; comic by Radical American Comics; "Life," poem by Michael O'Donoghue; "Cruising in L.A.," by Sam Winston; "The Revolution Bull-Shit," by Liza Williams; illustration by Karuna Nidhan Mukherjie with blurb by Malay Roy Choudhury; "Amnesty Now," by David McReynolds; "The Vietnam Song Book," score by Barbara Dane and Irwin Silber; "Potsmoking Will Stop the War in Viet-Nam," by Dan McLeod; photograph of John Gibson; collage by Rogelio Polesello; "Making It with Arnie the Artist," by Murphy; "Juxtapositions," by Claes Oldenburg; advertisement for Andy Warhol's "Lonesome Cowboys"; "Flapjack Hamhocks," comic by Paul David Simon; "Ethnic News : Traveling without Leaving Home," by Ellen Kenwood.
  • Vol. 3, No. 5 (May 1969)
    John Wilcock, Shunk Kender, Andy Stapp, Tuli Kupferberg, Tadanori Yokoo, Michael O'Donoghue, Gianni Emilio Simonetti, Gerard Malanga, Liza Williams, Stan Brakhage, Andy Warhol, Angus MacLise, Charles Henri Ford, Jane Jacobs, John Peck, Sam Evening, Janet Evening, Leonid Mikhailov, Jay Gaulding, Cuti

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Cover photo "Waldo Ballard and Friend," by Shunk Kender. Essays "I Might Get Busted if I Join the Union but I Don't Want to Go to Vietnam : Interview with Andy Stapp"; "Under Shelley's Poet's Tree," by Tuli; graphic by Tadanori Yokoo; "Filthy Limericks," by Michael O'Donoghue; "Il Corpo il Suo d'Intorno, Anche," by Gianni Emilio Simonetti; "Underground Cinema Eroticism & Visual Poetry Supplement," by Gerard Malanga; "Out-Takes," by Liza Williams; stills from "Lovemaking" by Stan Brakhage and "Fuck" by Andy Warhol; "Untitled Calligraphy" illustration by Angus MacLise; centerfold collage by Charles Henri Ford; "How to Dispose of Garbage," by Jane Jacobs; "The Warm Gun in the Great Depression," by John Peck; " 'Pretty Boy' Floyd," by Sam & Janet Evening; "Weird Wedding Practices," by Leonid Mikhailov; "Penis Tax : A New Way for the Government to Screw You," by Jay Gaulding; rear wrapper comic "The Beauty and the Beat," by Cuti.
  • Vol. 3, No. 6 (June 1-14, 1969)
    John Wilcock, Shunk-Kender, David Bourdon, Sheila Golden, Chacho Guemes,David Ramsay Steele, Kerry Thornley, Cara Thornley, Robert Wolf, John Webster, Joe Brainard, Robert Cordier, Robert Zimmerman, John Walker

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Cover photo by Shunk-Kender. "Brigid," by David Bourdon; "The Peversion of the Legal System," by Sheila Golden; "Law & Order (Military Style)," by Chacho Guemes; essay by David Ramsay Steele; "Escaping the Cage," by Kerry and Cara Thornley; "Taxproof Money!" by Robert Wolf; "Swinging Variations," by John Webster; "People of the World : Relax!" comics by Joe Brainard; "Chit-Chat," poem and photographs by Robert Cordier; "Spector," by Robert Zimmerman; "London," by John Walker.
  • Vol. 3, No. 7 (June 15-30, 1969)
    John Wilcock, Liza Williams, Peter Young, Simon Vinkenoog, Martin Cohen,Kerry Thornley, Cara Thornley, C.B. David, Carlson, Svend Ranild, Arthur S. Harris Jr., Gerard Malanga

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Essays "Liza Williams," by Liza Williams; "The Rich, Full Life of Billy the Kid," by Pete Young; "Simon Says," by Simon Vinkenoog; "Banzai! The Bamboo-Cutting Ceremony of Kurama's Warrior Monks," by Martin Cohen; "Anybody Can Climb This Mountain," by John Wilcock; "Escaping the Cage," by Kerry & Cara Thornley; illustration by C.B. David; comics by Carlson and Svend Ranild; "Keeping Sex in the Family," by Arthur S. Harris, Jr.; "The Gerard Malanga Page," by Gerard Malanga.
  • Vol. 3, No. 9 (July 15-30 1969)
    John Wilcock, Bradford Angier, Louise Crowley, Lawrence Lipton, Daniel Spoerri, John Bryan, Jim Rodger, F.M. Esfandiary, Eliza Williams

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Essays "Meet the Press!" by John Wilcock; "Why Not Go Live in the Woods?" by Bradford Angier; reprint of original John Wilcock "Other Scenes" newsletter published in LA in 1967; "What's It All About -- Anarchy?" by Louise Crowley; "Russians! Get Off Your Fannies!" by Lawrence Lipton; "Meatballs & Other Monkey Business," by Daniel Spoerri; "Harry the Hipster," by John Bryan; "Amerika : Which Side Are You On?" centerfold collage; "Rock Collage," by Jim Rodger; "Let's End These Archaic Feuds," by F.M. Esfandiary; "Eliza Williams," by Eliza Williams.
  • Vol. 1, No. 10 (January 1969)
    John Wilcock, Redhead's Comicsxcs, Sheila Ryan, Anita Hoffman, Lannes Kenfield, Tuli Kupferberg, Wolf Lowenthal, Hank Williams, Israel Young, Jerry Rubin, Tatsuo Shibata, Ken Weaver, Robert Wolf, Ted Folke

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Cover art by Redhead's Comicsxcs. Contents include "Revolution? It's Good for (Smith & Wesson) Business," by Sheila Ryan; "Perspectives of the Revolution," by Anita Hoffman, Lannes Kenfield, Tuli Kupferberg, Wolf Lowenthal, Hank Williams, Israel Young, and Jerry Rubin; "Osaka Expo '70," by Tatsuo Shibata; "Practical Karate : Fundamentals"; "East Side Best Side," by Ken Weaver; "Robert Wolf : Incoming," by Robert Wolf; "For a Common Ground," by Hank Williams; "Visions of the Apocalypse," by Ted Folke.
  • Vol. 3, No. 10 (August 1-14 1969)
    John Wilcock, John Willenbecher, Lannes Kenfield, Richard Sherman, Rowland Gould, John Giorno, Anne Waldman, John Perrault, Stephen Ralstan, John Walker, Gregory Smith, J. Green, Larry J. Bercowitz

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Contents include full page print "Moon" by John Willenbecher; "The High School Union," interview by Lannes Kenfield; "Kim's Trip Comics," by Richard Sherman; "Eating on the Train," by Rowland Gould; "Wave Hill Poetry Events," advertisement for John Giorno, Anne Waldman, and John Perrault; "Vacationland of the Week : Cruel Color," by Stephen Ralstan; "London," by John Walker; "Coming of Age on Porkchop Peak," by Gregory Smith; "Bulgaria," by John Wilcock; "Fascism is Just a Phase," by J. Green; "The Case for Assassination," by John Walker; "Orgy Etiquette," by Larry J. Bercowitz.
  • Vol. 3, No. 11 (August 15, 1969)
    John Wilcock, Tuli Kupferberg, Jay Gaulding, Dennis Harper, George Streeton,John Walker, Thomas Forcade, Abbie Hoffman, Charles Henri Ford, Andy Warhol, Anne Waldman

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Contents "A Diatribe with Myself Abt Not-Violence," by Tuli Kupferberg; "The Man," comic by Jay Gaulding & Dennis Harper; "The State of Denmark," by George Streeton; "London," by John Walker; "Paradise Now!" by Rev. Thomas Forcade; "Yugoslavia," by John Wilcock; "Moonshine," by Abbie Hoffman; "Mother of Voices," collage by A.; word collage by Charles Henri Ford; Andy Warhol collage; "Summer Plans," poem by Anne Waldman.
  • Vol. 3, No. 12 (Sept. 1, 1969)
    John Wilcock, Jorge Luis Borges, Ira Haber, Lynne Gurewitz, John Evans,Claude Pelieu, Arthur S. Harris Jr., Charles Bukowski, Gabriele Bennett, Sam Evening, Janet Evening

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Essays "The Lottery in Babylon," by Jorge Luis Borges; "Mother Superior's Creamed Oysters with Crab Meat and Cheese (4 Servings)," by Ira Haber; "Fighting for Peace is Like Fucking for Chastity," illustration by Lynne Gurewitz; "The Gunk Goes to the Village," comic by Lynne Gurewitz; illustration by Ira Haber; collage by John Evans; "Johnny Pisoff's Rap," by Claude Pelieu; "Report from the Provinces," by Arthur S. Harris, Jr.; "The Weird World of Charles Bukowski," by Charles Bukowski; "Milkman with the World's Longest," collage by Gabriele Bennett; collages by Ira Haber; "Da Kind Men Liked," comic by Sam & Janet Evening; rear wrapper illustration by Ira Haber.
  • Vol. 3, No. 15 (October 15, 1969)
    John Wilcock, Yayoi Kusama, Lennox Raphael, S. Lustig, C.B. David, Larry J. Bercowitz, Gregory Battcock, Thomas M. Cassidy, John Bryan, Marty Jezer, DeRicco

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Cover photo of a Kusama "happening" at the MoMA. Essays "John Wilcock Interviews Lennox Raphael," by John Wilcock; "Head Comix"; "Under Shelley's Poet's Tree," by S. Lustig; comic by C.B. David; " 'Che' : My Involvement in Art, Politics, Obscenity and 'CHE,' " by Larry J. Bercowitz; "Pop Art at the Hayward," by Gregory Battcock; "Betty Bat," comic by C.B. David; collage by Thomas M. Cassidy; "Confrontation," by John Bryan; "Enticing and Procuring Can Cost You a Lot More than $5.00 or $10.00," by Marty Jezer; rear cover illustration by DeRicco.
  • Vol. 3, No. 16 (November 1, 1969)
    John Wilcock, Gianfranco Mantegna, Lennox Raphael, Ted Joans, Larry J. Bercowitz, C.B. David, Martin Cohen, Sidney Bernard, Yoshihiro Tanaka

    Issue edited by John Wilcock. Cover photo by Gianfranco Mantegna. Guest editorial by Lennox Raphael. Essays "The Pan African Pow Wow," by Ted Joans; "Notes from a Revolutionary Mother," by Marilyn; "How about Some Comps., Hilly??" by Larry J. Bercowitz; "Betty Bat," comic by C.B. David; "Pinball Wizard"; "Japan," by John Wilcock; "Focus on Japan," by Martin Cohen; "The Rascal Ticket," by Sidney Bernard; "Japan to See Controversial Musical 'Hair,' " by Yoshihiro Tanaka.

National Weed (1974, issue #3)

it's here...
Marijuana—The Weed That Changed the World

Bakewell and Chatsworth 2013 (part 1)


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John-Wilcock ... Manhattan Memories: Chapter Twelve--Andy Gets Shot: Max's Kansas City; Jane Fonda's gesture; Christo & Jeanne-Claude
Week of January 16, 2016

John-Wilcock ... Manhattan Memories: Chapter Eleven (continued)-- We go to Rutgers, Ann Arbor ... What people say about Andy
Week of January 9, 2016

John-Wilcock ... Manhattan Memories: Chapter Eleven -- Andy Warhol First encounter....People talk about him....His movies...
Week of January 2, 2016

John-Wilcock ... Manhattan Memories: Chapter Chapter Ten (continued)--The 'Movement' splits: Eldridge Cleaver Year of the Great Hoax…The OZ trial
Week of December 26, 2015

John-Wilcock ... Manhattan Memories: Chapter Chapter Ten--Tom Forcade's smuggling funds High Times; Rolling Stone's underground sabotage
Week of December 19, 2015

John-Wilcock ... Manhattan Memories: Chapter Chapter Nine (continued)--Rip Torn on stardom… Robert Mitchum's gift; London: Julian Beck’s critique; Emmett Grogan and the Diggers; Greece: The Junta, Charlotte Rampling, and art hero Daniel Spoerri
Week of December 12, 2015

John-Wilcock ... Manhattan Memories: Chapter Chapter Nine--Bob Dylan in the Village, Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, Richard Neville and OZ, What Does London Need Most?, The International Times
Week of December 5, 2015

John-Wilcock ... Manhattan Memories: Chapter Eight (continued)--Japan: a working honeymoon; The Shinjuku Sutra
Week of November 28, 2015

John-Wilcock ... Manhattan Memories: Chapter Eight--Art Kunkin's LA Free Press; In LA with Hunter Thompson, Lenny Bruce; Visit by Warhol; Hakim Jamal plays god; The San Francisco 'Be-In'; Underground papers meet
Week of November 21, 2015

John-Wilcock ... Manhattan Memories: Chapter Seven (continued)--The Underground Press; Army revolt:  fragging officers; Bowart goes to Millbrook
Week of November 14, 2015

Manhattan Memories: Chapter Seven--The singing Tit-o-Gram; The East Village Other; Art & Forgery; Birth of Black Power; The Underground Press
Week of November 7, 2015

Manhattan Memories: Chapter Six (continued)--Tom Forcade: smuggler supreme; That pathetic drug czar
Week of October 31, 2015

Manhattan Memories: Chapter Six—The weed that changed the world--Confessions of a pot smoker
Week of October 24, 2015

Manhattan Memories: Chapter Five—Reefer Madness (continued)--Jan and Stan change my life; The man who turned on the world
Week of October 17, 2015

Manhattan Memories: Chapter Five—Reefer Madness--The man who turned on the world; Tested by Harvard professors; Jan and Stan change my life
Week of October 10, 2015

Manhattan Memories: Chapter Four—Into the '60s--London's underground press; Jean-Jacques Lebel burns US flag; Everybody's friend: Jim Haynes; Lenny Bruce and the kitchen tapes
Week of October 3, 2015

Manhattan Memories: Chapter Four—Into the '60s--More Working at The New York Times; Mexico On $5 a Day; What Richard Condon taught me; Henry Miller's wise words
Week of September 26, 2015

Manhattan Memories: Chapter Three--The Village Voice (continued) --Lasting insignificance: the 3-dot column, ECHO  and Larry Adler, Woody Allen plays classic nerd, A sample Village Square column
Week of September 19, 2015

Manhattan Memories: Chapter Three--More trouble with our star novelist; Lasting insignificance: the 3-dot column; Jean Shepherd’s phantom novel
Week of September 12, 2015

Manhattan Memories: Chapter Two--Steve Allen derides TV columnist; Marlene Dietrich--glamorous grandmother
Week of September 5, 2015

Manhattan Memories: Chapter Two--Gilbert Seldes' The Lively Arts; Norman Mailer’s Voice column; Giving parties to meet strangers
Week of August 29, 2015

Manhattan Memories: Chapter One--Chatting with Marilyn Monroe
Week of August 22, 2015

Manhattan Memories: Chapter One--Jack Kent Cooke tells me to stay in Canada; Becoming a New Yorker ;A new Village newspaper; The casual wisdom of Steve Allen
Week of August 15, 2015

Manhattan Memories: Introduction.
Week of August 8, 2015

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Participating in the Harvard Psilocybin Project (Part Three)
November 21, 2013

The New York Years - Issue 5 The New York Years
October 27, 2010

A Budget Travel Pioneer on a Time When $5 a Day Was Real (Frugal) Money
nytimes.com: Frugal Traveler

by Seth Kugel
John Wilcock at the New York Times

It was the first handwritten letter I'd received in 5 years. Or maybe 10. Signed by John Wilcock, a man I'd never heard of, and postmarked Ojai, Calif., it was waiting for me when I returned from my São Paulo-to-New York summer trip. Mr. Wilcock wrote that he had been an assistant editor at The Times Travel section back in the 1950s, and had written the first editions of “Mexico on $5 a Day,” “Greece on $5 a Day” and “Japan on $5 a Day” for Arthur Frommer in the 1960s.

By George, I thought. This man was the original Frugal Traveler.

(read more)

A Guide to Occult Britain

Forty years ago the second of my three books about magic was published, A Guide to Occult Britain (Sidgwick & Jackson) covering a wide range of sites from Stonehenge to Loch Ness and King Arthur country to the witches of Pendle Hill. It is now available as an eBook on amazon.com.

Manhattan MemoriesManhattan Memories
An Autobiography
by John Wilcock

"A GOOD WAY to describe John Wilcock is to say that he is a talented bohemian counter-culture journalist who once played a major role in the emergence of America’s underground press. Born 1927 in Sheffield, England, he left school aged 16 to work on various newspapers in England, and on Toronto periodicals before moving to New York City. There in 1955 he became one of the five founders of the Village Voice in which he and co-founder Norman Mailer wrote weekly columns. Wilcock called his column “The Village Square”, an intended pun. He and young Mailer were not quite friends, although Wilcock was at times annoyed, but always amused, by Mailer’s monstrous ego."

-From the preface of Manhattan Memories, by Martin Gardner

The Autobiography and Sex Life of Andy Warhol

The Autobiography and Sex Life of Andy Warhol
by John Wilcock
Edited by Christopher Trela
Photographs by Shunk-Kender

Village Voice and Interview cofounder John Wilcock was first drawn into the milieu of Andy Warhol through film-maker Jonas Mekas, assisting on some of Warhol's early films, hanging out at his parties and quickly becoming a regular at the Factory. “About six months after I started hanging out at the old, silvery Factory on West 47th Street,” he recalls, “[Gerard] Malanga came up to me and asked, ‘When are you going to write something about us?’” Already fascinated by Warhol's persona, Wilcock went to work, interviewing the artist's closest associates, supporters and superstars. Among these were Malanga, Naomi Levine, Taylor Mead and Ultra Violet, all of whom had been in the earliest films; scriptwriter Ronnie Tavel, and photographer Gretchen Berg; art dealers Sam Green, Ivan Karp, Eleanor Ward and Leo Castelli, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Henry Geldzahler; the poets Charles Henri Ford and Taylor Mead, and the artist Marisol; and the musicians Lou Reed and Nico. Paul Morrisey supplied the title: The Autobiography and Sex Life of Andy Warhol was the first oral biography of the artist. First published in 1971, and pitched against the colorful backdrop of the 1960s, it assembles a prismatic portrait of one of modern art's least knowable artists during the early years of his fame. The Autobiography and Sex Life is likely the most revealing portrait of Warhol, being composite instead of singular; each of its interviewees offers a piece of the puzzle that was Andy Warhol. This new edition corrects the many errors of the first, and is beautifully designed in a bright, Warholian palette with numerous illustrations. The British-born writer John Wilcock co-founded The Village Voice in 1955, and went on to edit seminal publications such as The East Village Other, Los Angeles Free Press, Other Scenes and (in 1970) Interview, with Andy Warhol.